Debt Crisis Print
The money of the world created from the banks as government debt or private debt is unsustainable. National debt throughout every nation of the world is crippled with debt as a result. Those hit the worst are the poor living in the third world developing countries. The economist every where seems to have no real idea of what is really going on.
The world economic order is in a chaos, with US debt and European debt growing daily. This unrepayable debt has pushed many nations over the edge, some are now considering the option to default on their debt, rather than face extreme Austerity measures from the IMF and the European banks. As a result of this, the global financial crisis continues to deepen. The world is in a very unstable position. A Global Recession or Depression is now on the cards.
Monetary Reform is badly needed. World debt must be removed and an alternative mechanism of creating credit be made available without debt or interest. Social Credit is the monetary reform the world needs. See social credit  and monetary reform for more details