The Debt Crisis - Social Credit is the solution!

You are about to uncover one of the biggest lies that you and most of the world's population has ever fallen for. It has far reaching effects on the worlds populations especially for the poor.
You will need to see all the contents of this site before you will fully understand it as fact and not fiction. You need to at least see this video before leaving this site. I guarantee that most of you will be shocked at how easily we have been conned. You are going to look at the world in a different way after this.
As you read the contents of this website, you will be amazed at how easily the banks have deceived us. You will also learn that Social Credit has the ability  take on the banks and replace them. A world free from poverty, hunger and debt is possible.  It is my hope that this site will encourage you to share this information with others.
For those interested, a Forum is now provided on this site to discuss Social Credit. Your thoughts and ideas are welcome.
AC Webb


The world is bleeding in debt. The suffering inflicted to the people of this world through debt is immense. The World's Banking System is highly responsible. Poverty, hunger and debt is dramatically getting worse. It is now a fact that at least 20 thousand children, are going to die every day from poverty.  facts-about-global-poverty
I should mention here that the poverty I am talking about is not just in the third world nations but all over the world. Homelessness is growing dramatically in almost every city of the world, the global economic crisis has increased these sad figures overwhelmingly as more and more jobs are lost. Charities, church groups and other organizations can no longer keep up with this growing need. There is never enough money.

Why is there so much debt?

The fact that all money is created as debt, means the world can never, ever pay it all back. The best we can do is service our debts with more debt. The economies of the world need money to maintain a healthy economy, without this it will collapse. We urgently need to replace this fraudulent banking system with one that will work. Social Credit is that system, the same system C.H. Douglas talked about many years ago.

Cycle of debt

With further study, you will prove to yourself that over 97 % of the world’s money supply has been created as debt. You will also begin to see the impossible position we are in. It’s called spiral debt. The ability to pay both debt and interest is just not possible. There is never enough money in the world to cover the combined debt with interest as the banks did not create the interest part. To make matters worse all money created as debt is removed from the money supply when it has been paid off. This has a major impact of reducing the world’s money supply even further. See link  The Cycle of debt

We must borrow continuously or the money supply will run out. The Economies of the world will shut down if the money supply is not maintained. We have seen this many times in history as the banks play around with our money supply. The economic booms and recessions are the work of the banking elite designed to further our debt and our reliance on the banks and we are subject to them. They control our parliaments and they control our very existence on earth. We may not see the chains, but we are all enslaved by debt.

We live in a world of plenty, we really do not need to work countless hours to survive. This is even more so, in third world countries where people are dying from malnutrition. People are deprived from resources and their ability to maintain their food supply, simply because the issue of tickets (money) is either unavailable or extremely restricted. The result is death or extreme poverty. This is no exaggeration it happens every day even though our media fails to report it. As you properly already know by now, it is the inhuman acts of the banking elite that this has been allowed to happen.  To a certain extent we are also responsible in our failure to prevent it from happening in the first place. Before we can improve the situation, we need to understand the causes. That is why this site exists.






In summary Social Credit is a process that allows the wealth of a nation be shared among its people. It does not redistribute wealth; on the contrary it increases more wealth to every one. At an appropriate time this wealth is shared by the creation of additional new money in the form of dividends issued on the basis of real physical wealth when the supply of money falls below a certain level. More importantly it is created on the basis of the nation’s ability to produce goods and services. The dividend is also used to compensate the price difference for the purchaser when needed to fill the gap of insufficient purchasing power of goods and services.
The link provided here is very good opener on Social Credit. It will certainly help you understand what is written on this site
The National Dividend is very similar to the Economic Stimulus packages the governments around the world have used to stimulate their economies. Both systems stimulate the economy, the Dividend is funded by the credit of the nation, the Economic Stimulus packages on the other hand is funded by further debt which is unsustainable.
Using Social Credit a government can build and maintain its infrastructure using the credit of the nation, minimizing the taxes needed. In this same way it can increase the general wealth of the population. A country using Social Credit is Recession proof as the banks no longer have control of the purse strings of the nation. The money supply remains constant as a result.

All money created by the banks is created as debt. This has put us in an impossible position of spiral debt as the ability to pay both debt and interest is just not possible. There is never enough money in the world to cover the combined debt with interest as the banks did not create the interest part. To make matters worse any bank loan repaid is removed from the money supply. The Economies around the world must borrow continually to cover this missing sum of money over and over again. If they did not the money supply would simply run out.
See link  The Cycle of debt
 Social Credit has the ability to release us from this bondage of everlasting debt. Using social credit, a country may create debt-free money on the basis of its real physical wealth such as oil, minerals and land, and on its ability to create new physical wealth in areas such as farming, building, and industry. Social credit then, when used wisely, can turn a debt-ridden nation into a vibrant wealthy nation free of debt. It is an essential tool of any nation.
It is important that you understand how the banks create money
Most people believe that every single dollar the banks lend comes from money deposited in their bank as savings. This is most definitely not the case. The banks use a fraudulent process called Fractional Reserve Banking to create this money. Governments throughout the world make it legal by allowing them to operate this way. See link below.
Central Banks apart from creating new money as debt to governments, or very rarely as credit, control the ratio of deposits the Commercial banks can lend. This ratio is called fractional reserve banking. This practice allows banks to lend very large sums of money they do not have. Fractional reserve banking allows banks to keep only a fraction of deposits in reserve and lend out the remainder. Over Ninety percent of new money is created this way.
The banks have indebted the world to such a degree that they now control the money markets of the world. By simply reducing the supply of money or selling incredibly large sums of stocks they can bring on a recession to any country of the world. By reducing the money supply to the world, they can cause a global depression; how severe or how long it goes for is entirely in their hands. It is with this power over finance that the banks can influence the decisions of any government in the world. It is very clear that the economic hardships brought on by debt, have the potential to create wars between nations, and the ability to enforce poverty and hunger. For more detail onSocial Credit
In order to help you understand social credit we need to first look into Australia’s past history, where social credit played a vital part in establishing this great nation. It should also be noted, that The United States of America also used this system to build up their great nation, before it was taken out of their hands.
Debt Crisis
Australia's short 200-year history began with the arrival of the First Fleet in1788. In over a period of sixty years 150,000 convicts were transported to Australia. When the ships arrived, the convicts were put to work for the free settlers or to build new roads and buildings.
The new settlement relied on supply ships for the first few years, for food and other supplies were scarce. The whole settlement was close to starvation and only survived because of the arrival of the second fleet. 
In October 1792, three and a half years after the first fleet arrived, the settlement become self-sufficient
*Starvation in the early years had stared them in the face, yet within a little more than 100 years later Australia had the highest standard of living in the world. Wheat, wool and cane industries were established. Ports, harbours and railway lines had been built and the first steel smelter at Broken Hill was now in operation. What the people achieved in such a short time can only be stated as incredible. This nation that began its life predormitaly as a penal settlement became a nation of free men. It grew into a nation that cherished its freedoms and protected them under our own Australian Constitution.
Money did not build Australia; it was the resourcefulness and skills of hard working people that built Australia. The use of Money, which was in short supply, only served the people as a means to exchange and as a means to establish value.
*The Australians of the first 100 years, to say the least, were resourceful. The economy to them was the physical environment around them, and what it could be made to produce. Real or imagined shortages of money had little to do with the challenge. The shortage of money was solved for a while by the use of rum and promissory notes (also known as ”Calabash“ money), which became accepted as currency (social credit in action!)
The idea of enforced inactivity through a shortage of money was not entertained; it was a mere detail that local innovation could solve. However, private banks were soon established in most towns, and hence any shortage of money was then made available as debt.  The banks had made their move.
The Great Depression that was to affect the world later could easily of been avoided in Australia.
The private banks had now established a foothold in Australia.
 Australia, as much as the rest of the world was now at the mercy of the banks.
See link below
The Great Depression
*Inserted from Jeremy Lee’s book - Australia 2000 “What will we tell our children?”