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The banks have indebted the world to such a degree that they now control the money markets of the world. By simply reducing the supply of money or selling incredibly large sums of stocks they can bring on a recession to any country of the world. By reducing the money supply to the world, they can cause a global depression; how severe or how long it goes for is entirely in their hands. It is with this power over finance that the banks can influence the decisions of any government in the world. It is very clear that the economic hardships brought on by debt, have the potential to create wars between nations, and the ability to enforce poverty and hunger.

The People's Bank in Australia

*The banks did not always control Australia. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia the “Peoples Bank “as it was once called, supplied Australia with enough money to fund the first world war at a rate less than one percent. It also financed the Indian Pacific Railway system at a slightly higher rate; both loans were paid within months of completion. The bank continued to offer it services after the war. The bank opened in1913 and played an invaluable part to the country’s economy. But in doing so it posed a major threat to the private banks. Enormous pressure was placed on government members and by 1924 the Bruce Page Government surrendered the peoples bank. The Commonwealth Bank was no longer the people’s bank it used to be, it was no longer allowed to compete effectively against the private banks.
Remarkably, if the People’s bank remained in its former glory, the Great Depression would have had very little effect on Australia and this country would have remained debt-free today.   
(See ‘The story of the Commonwealth Bank’ D.J. Amos)
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Or watch video link below on People Banks


In the 1980’s, the Labour Government deregulated the banking system and let in the foreign banks; it also floated the currency on the global markets after dropping the value of the currency by one third! These actions proved fatal for Australia, for Australia’s already heavy debt and interest repayments were now effectively increased by one third. 
Any gain Australian  exporters had was lost from subsidies and tariffs imposed on their exports.

With economic rationalist thinking Australian protective borders were degraded and the flood of cheap imports just about decimated our industries. It seems that the only thing our governments are good at is increasing our debts and destroying our industries! In recent times our governments have been busy selling off our assets in an effort to finance federal and state government budgets.
Even as they sold most of the assets (without the people's permission!), they still managed to increase  foreign debt to well over 300 billion dollars! (Now 658 billion dollars– 60 per cent of GDP- Feb 2009) This foreign debt has also been compounded by large trade deficits to other countries and by the invasion of multinational corporations (parasites), who are sucking this country dry, by sending the profits of once Australian owned companies and businesses offshore. This example has been repeated around the world by many countries.


Solution; the banks can be beaten!

 The world needs to make a stand! There can be no solution to the global crisis until the money-merchants have, once again, been thrown out of the temple. The People’s Bank must once again be resurrected so that we can take back what is ours for the sake of all nations around the world.
When the people understand how they operate, the banks will no longer be able to operate. The banks will never be able to compete against a People's Bank.  Every nation in the world needs to replace these fraudulent banks with People's Banks. Only then can we remove this fictional debt imposed on the world's nations. Social credit is the only way to run a nations resources responsibly.  Every citizen of a nation is a recognized share holder of a countries assets and resources. No foreign entity or corporation should be ever allowed to own any of it. New money can be created responsibly when needed without debt in line with production. A nation using social credit need never go into debt again.
(See ‘The story of the Commonwealth Bank’ D.J. Amos)
 Or watch video link below on People Banks
God created this world with everything we would ever need in abundance. It is the Greed and lust for world power that has inflicted so much suffering on mankind.

To remove the private banks the population of this country must demand  that the ‘People’s Bank’ be resurrected. Or we the people must replace the present government at the next election with someone who will! The shells must be replaced!


1/ The Banks must be exposed for what they are, a charade and a parasite to humanity. They can be exposed with your help by passing information like this to other people in print form, by word and mouth, through the internet and even through the media in some newspapers

2/The use of People power. (CIR) see link Freedom, Liberty and Justice
If we had Citizens Initiated Referenda In Australia, we could vote against the private banks and install our own People’s Bank. Unfortunately this system that allows the people to initiate referendums and legally enforce the government to follow the wishes of the people is still not in place so we must use other methods. However this process is available in other parts of the world like Switzerland.
3/ We can revert back to bartering. This will become more obvious to people in countries that are affected by debt the most. By people power, communities, groups, organizations, towns and suburbs could create a system that legalizes iou barter notes that promise to pay in labour or barter as payment for goods or services.
As this system expands the IOU notes will become recognized as money itself  with monetary value displayed. These barter notes created free from debt, will spread like wild fire to all parts of the world, when the people grasp its usefulness to jump start the economy and remove debt. This action itself will educate the people of this evil deception of debt, the banks have used to enslave us. An example of such a system is the Local Exchange Trading Systems (LETS)  see link below
This fraudulent Banking system in time will no longer be able to exist as we know it today. People Banks all over the world will replace this dishonest system.
The Banking System will be recognized for what it is a con, a charade and a parasite to humanity. These crimes against humanity will be dealt with through our criminal court systems and these people responsible will be brought to justice. It is inevitable that this will eventuate.
Third world debt can be cancelled! This debt can be cancelled by the use of social credit. Please pass this information on to others.
You can also watch and send to others the link below, called ‘money as debt’
Highly recommended, easy to watch and understand
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