To help you understand the major role the banks have in enforcing the world in debt, I have come up with a fictional board game called Bank Monopoly (a game depicting the banks control) it is a real life game.
You can try playing the monopoly game your self using the rules below,  you will quickly understand that money issued as debt demands more debt. Bank Monopoly is similar to the original Monopoly game except for these simple changes.
1/ you are not given money to start the game- you must borrow 100 thousand dollars for a property you have purchased.
2/ you do not pay rent when you land on a player’s property; you only pay rent if you loose your house.
3/ you do not get any money when you go round the board passing go - you must pay 10 % interest on your loans each time you pass go. You earn money from dealing with other players
4/ the government has issued 10 thousand dollars to each player to stimulate the economy; this money has been raised by government loans and must be repaid back in taxes.
5/ the bank can seize your property if you fail to keep up the payments
 It is important to note that the money used between players stays in the game (stays in circulation). Money payed out for interest repayments leaves the game. (reduces the money supply) If the money supply to the players is not increased in further bank loans, the money supply will run out and each player will go bankrupt.
The bank is the only real winner; every single dollar issued in this game has been issued as debt and must be paid back in total with interest payments. The players in total have borrowed 400 thousand dollars. When all four players have passed go once the bank receives 40 thousand dollars in interest. If all the players pass go a further 9 times the bank would have collected 400 thousand dollars, the exact same amount the players in total borrowed at the beginning of the game.
The players still owe 100 thousand dollars each even though they have all paid 100 thousand dollars in interest. The game would have ended by this stage as the money supply would of run out. Obviously dropping the interest rate will extend the game a little but in the end more money is needed for the game to continue.
The world economy needs money to keep going; failing this it will collapse. This is how the real world, now Operates.
Interestly, if we issued all  money in this game as social credit instead, then the money supply would never run out. All money issued in this game stays (no interest payments removed from game) Money keeps circulating  and any short fall of money needed for game to continue would be issued as dividends to each player using social credit.  No taxes or any repayment  is required from players as these payments are only issued when a correction is needed to maintain the money supply to a certain level.
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Social Credit as descibed here can be used in any country of the world.
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